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Technologies for the digitization of Industry 4.0

Initiative Description

The knowledge of the technologies that facilitate the digital transformation allows the automation of the processes, the interconnection of the value chain and the creation of digital interfaces.


Training Objectives

Basic concepts and the most used technologies in the digitization of industries, so that it serves as the basis for decision-making about the company's technological bets in the race towards digital transformation.

Training Contents

Digitization and Industry 4.0. Cyberphysical systems. Internet of things. Architectures and reference models. Research areas and challenges. Entities and reference initiatives. Market and application sectors. Applications/Success stories.Implementation of Industry 4.0 solutions.

Digital Innovation Hubs

The Data Cycle Hub


  • - IoT
  • - CPS
  • - Data analytics
  • - Artificial Inteligence


  • Workshop
  • Presentation


  • Face to face

Technology Absortion Cycle

  • Awareness: supports understand the basic functionality of the technology and its fields of application.
  • Configuration: supports the process of determining how a technology is implemented in a real manufacturing setting. It includes the creation of a business case.
  • Implementation: supports the implementation and installation of the technology in an industrial setting.

Target Group

  • Directors
  • Plant Manager

Instruction Level

  • Fundation


  • Automotive
  • Chemical
  • Computer - Software
  • Research & Development
  • Energy
  • Industry, Health, Transport

Education Level

  • Bachelor


  • More than 20


  • Own production

Countries where training is provided

  • Spain

Cities where training is provided

  • Valencia

Languages this training can be provided

  • Spanish