Process Mining and Predictive Process Monitoring

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Process Mining and Predictive Process Monitoring

Initiative Description

The speaker for the webinar is Marlon Dumas who’s Professor of Information Systems at University of Tartu, Estonia.


Training Objectives

Introduce companies to the opportunities new technologies create for optimising business operations in a variety of sectors, including the manufacturing sector.

Training Contents

- This webinar will introduce a selection of techniques, tools of process mining and predictive process monitoring; - Case studies will be presented to illustrate how process mining and predictive process monitoring is helping businesses to increase customer engagement, improve customer experience, and enhance efficiency and quality.

Digital Innovation Hubs

Sunrise Valley Digital Innovation Hub


  • Data analytics


  • Webinar


  • Online

Technology Absortion Cycle

  • Configuration
  • Implementation
  • Operation

Target Group

  • Directors
  • Plant Manager
  • Engineers
  • Operators

Instruction Level

  • Intermediate


  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Agriculture
  • Chemical
  • Computer - Software
  • Construction
  • Education
  • Research & Development
  • Energy

Education Level

  • Ocupational Studies


  • More than 20


  • InnoCAPE

Countries where training is provided

  • EU

Languages this training can be provided

  • English