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TC Introduction to programming using Java

Initiative Description

Problem solving using computers; Design and implement low and medium complexity programs using the Java language.


Training Objectives

The main objective of this course is to enable participants to know the basics of programming and enable them to understand and create small and medium complexity programs. For this it is necessary to know the features and syntax of a programming language and to develop problem-solving techniques appropriate to the creation of computer programs.

Training Contents

Introduction to problem solving; Basic concepts: program structure, data types and operators; Basic input / output; Selection structures; Repetition structures Subprograms; Simple Collections; Files

Digital Innovation Hubs



  • Cloud Technologies


  • Practical exercices


  • Online

Technology Absortion Cycle

  • Configuration: supports the process of determining how a technology is implemented in a real manufacturing setting. It includes the creation of a business case.

Instruction Level

  • Fundation


  • Computer - Software

Education Level

  • High School


  • More than 20

Countries where training is provided

  • Portugal

Cities where training is provided

  • Coimbra

Languages this training can be provided

  • Portuguese