Workplace Inclusion in the Digital Era for Footwear Sector

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Workplace Inclusion in the Digital Era for Footwear Sector

Initiative Description

FEET IN 4.0 aims at bringing the industry 4.0 to the footwear companies, mainly for the employees, managers and other key people who have direct connection to the sector.


Training Objectives

Use digital data and analytics, work with rapid prototyping systems and artificial intelligence, and cooperate with robotics systems and advanced automation systems.

Training Contents

Technical manufacturing of machines of footwear and leather goods, Operator of footwear manufacture, Technician of management of the production of footwear and leather goods

Digital Innovation Hubs

iMan Norte Hub through its member CTCP and other partners of the project (CTCP, CTCR, Politécnico and IPS)


  • IoT
  • 3D Printing
  • Data analytics
  • Cloud Technologies


  • Workshop
  • Video
  • Webinar
  • Practical session in lab


  • Blended

Technology Absortion Cycle

  • Operation

Target Group

  • Plant Manager

Instruction Level

  • Intermediate


  • Others: Manufacturing, Footwear

Education Level

  • No requirements / more dedicated to level 2 / 4


  • 5 to 10


  • FEETIN 4.0 (Project number 2018-1-PT01-KA202-047500 – ERASMUS+ KA2 VET))

Countries where training is provided

  • Portugal, Spain, Italy, Poland

Cities where training is provided

  • S. João Madeira, Felgueiras, Logroño/Arnedo, Padova/Riviera Del Brenta, Lodz

Languages this training can be provided

  • English, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Polish