Creative Camp

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Creative Camp

Initiative Description

The workshop is dedicated to companies from traditional industries that are looking for new knowledge for a higher quality production. In the introductory part, four lecturers in the field of design and strategic marketing are trying to approach these new design concepts and other useful trends in the field of creative industries through concrete examples. In the second part of the workshop, lecturers act as advisers. This part is designed to solve specific business problems. Consultations take place individually, so that business representatives can begin to solve the dilemmas that are bothering you. In case of need, you can also engage counselors for further cooperation or help them find competent external collaborators.


Training Objectives

Design management, Design thinking, Cross-innovation and Cross-fertilization.

Training Contents

Design management in theory in practice, Psychological aspects of the introduction of new concepts in the company, Service design for product manufacturers, Creating in dialogue

Digital Innovation Hubs

Institute Jozef Stefan-JSI


  • IoT
  • 3D Printing
  • Data analytics


  • Lecture
  • Workshop
  • Presentation


  • Face to face

Technology Absortion Cycle

  • Awareness

Target Group

  • Operators
  • Other

Instruction Level

  • Intermediate


  • Construction
  • Others: Textile, Metal Working, Wood Sector

Education Level

  • High School


  • 10 to 20


  • InterregMED Co-Create

Countries where training is provided

  • Slovenia

Cities where training is provided

  • Ljubljana

Languages this training can be provided

  • Slovene